About Us

Our Mission

Improve product quality and accelerate time-to-market. Another way to say that is "make it better, make it faster". These words underpin everything we do at Motbot.

Motbot began when we asked ourselves if there was a better and faster way for a company to test their products, quickly analyze the results and then share that information with those who need it most. We wanted to eliminate those little frictions that would slow a team down, waiting for data, waiting for a report, or waiting for a meeting just to get that one piece of actionable data that would mean an improved product and increased sales.

It turns out there was a better way, and we built it here at Motbot Innovative Software

Who We Are

  • Cary Ong Cary Ong CEO and Co-founder

    Cary Ong is definitely a numbers guy, and has been organizing large data sets from a young age. 
    His vision to incorporate collaborative tools and analytics with test planning and execution helped launch Motbot in 2013 with CTO and Co-Founder Dena Hashemi.

  • Dena Hashemi Dena Hashemi CTO and Co-Founder

    Dena is the technical backbone of Motbot and has led its development to achieve many important milestones.